Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Creatures, in Melbourne

We were wandering around Fitzroy, enjoying the midday sun, and were ready for a little .... a little something! And then, just as if it was meant to be, we spot of the Little Creatures Dining Hall. We perch ourselves by the bar, I am dying to try the Pipsquek Cider on tap and Kim has a Bright Ale.


Little Creatures Pale Ale has always been one of our all-time favorite beers! And the other 2 don't disappoint. The cider is full of fresh fruit flavors. I can't actually remember if I had the pear, or the apple, but I do remember it was delicious! Kim has the Bright Ale, which is smooth and full flavored.

We also re-fuel with a plate of fried onions rings. The onion slices are fat, coated with of course a beer batter;) and then sprinkled with paprika salt.


The Dining Hall is big and industrial, but still manages to feel intimate and warm. Would definitely come back here for a lunch or meal, and of course to try more of the beers, next time we are in the 'hood.


Little Creatures Dining Hall
222 Brunswick St
Melbourne, Victoria

T: +81 (0)3 9417 5500

Open: 7 days, 11am till late