Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tag! You're it!

Wow, it was only a week or so ago when we were flicking through Grab Your Fork's blog and I'd seen she'd been Tagged .... I wasn't too sure what this was but read along anyway. Then I was thinking, "Aw, I wish we would get tagged someday ..." and here we are! A big thanks to Billy at A Table for Two for our tag and adding a blast of excitement into this weeks snow bound doldrums ....

Well, here goes, firsty 6 random facts about Kat ......
  1. My full name is Katherine. I like being called Kat, it's short and sweet ... Just don't call me Kath! (Apart from it being a bit Aunty like, the whole Kath and Kim thing just doesn't do it for me!)
  2. I have a mammoth collection of Business Cards. I like to pick them up whenever we go to a cafe / bar / restaurant / shop etc. I usually pick up 3 or 4 from each place, with the full intention of being able to give them to someone when we reccomend somewhere cool.
  3. I don't like the cold! I seem to over sensitive to the cold weather, and find myself super rugged up if it even drops to 15C. Quite interesting now that we are living in Niseko Hirafu and it's dumping snow nearly every day .........
  4. ..... and being here in Hirafu, I have experienced snow for the first time, ever! Seen it falling, seen everything turn white, even thrown a few snowballs and built a snowman. Just a couple of days ago it dumped 40cm over the course of 24 hours. Truly amazing!
  5. My most memorable meal to date would have to be the amazing Masa in New York. Incredible!
  6. I love Thailand! The food, the people, the food, the diversity - city, mountains, pristine beaches and jungle. Oh, and did I mention I love the food??

And here's for 6 random facts about Kim:

  1. I got my Padi dive ticket in the amazing waters off the Gili islands in Indonesia. No cars, no dogs, electricity sporradic, food amazing .......heaven.
  2. Desperately wants to live and work in New York. It's just got the whole world in one place 24/7.
  3. Once ate three meals in three Mario Batali restaurants on the same night Bar Jamon, Casa Mono and Babbo. I swear I was halucinating afterwards, it was part of a nineteen restaurants in five days New York binge.
  4. Used to be a chef at Sailor's Thai. It was thanks to that I got a taste for genuine Thai flavor.
  5. Has a thing for Japanese kids cartoons like Crayon Shin Chan and Anpanman.
  6. Will be drawn to any type of offal on the menu. I love offal and the skill it takes to cook it well.

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And now for the rules,

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Happy Tagging! Eat More!


Su-Lin said...

Hi Kat and Kim! Three Babbo restaurants in one night is seriously impressive...not sure how you did it and survived!

Thanks so much for the tag! Hope you don't mind if I point you in the direction of this post where I did this meme (but for some reason it was 7 at the time?).

Anyway, I'll be back! I dream of travelling to Japan one day! And your Chiang Mai posts bring back great memories!

Kat and Kim said...

Thanks for the little insight ... ;)