Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ramen, Kutchan

Well this has to be probably one of the slackest efforts we've done so far.....We had ramen recently, good ramen in fact but we ate with no regard to providing just about any futher information than that... still here goes.

On the main road in Kutchan is a ramen shop that has a sign out the front saying open since 1991 or close to (told you, fuzzy memory) at first I was unimpressed but then I realised it's now 2009, did a quick count and and went ooooooh.


Inside we were given the gaijin menu (I had a quick peek at the Japanese one to see if we were being stiffed on any of the good stuff but it was all front and present).


Kat went for the Hokkaido specialty - butter corn, and I for the tonkotsu, a collagen thick broth of long simmered pork bones. The soups were quick to arrive and we were glad we had stuck with the regular size, they were massive enough already.

The butter corn was full the the rim loaded with pork, corn and what looked like half a block of butter on the side.....seriously.

My tonkotsu was super rich, with the pork, egg and all the collagen, amazingly delicious but I felt I was on the verge of congealing, I managed to struggle through for the cause though.


We topped it all off with a small plate of gyoza, crispy and fragrant.


I'm sure we'll be back one day to get an address and give a few different types a go.

If you do manage to find it between now and then don't forget to grab you complementary vanilla and red bean ice cream on the way out. Yum.

Could really do with an aero bar about now.......................



Su-Lin said...

I can't take my eyes off that block of butter in your's almost indecent. :P

That's not to say I wouldn't eat it...

Kat n Kim said...

I know .. we were mesmerized!

It got a little easier to handle as it melted down into the ramen :)