Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taberna Doña Casta, Zaragoza

€15 each and we were transported to another dimensi..., er I mean region of Spain. We took the bus from Barcelona Nord bus station to Zaragoza. The trip in total took just on 4 hours, which of course included a little road side stop for snacks and drinks along the way. We both had a bacon & roasted green chili bocadillo from the said road side stop that was cheap yet truly delicious.

We are both exhausted from the trip, so once we arrive to this beautiful Northern region of Spain, the first thing on the cards is siesta. We wake around 6pm and are ready for food. The kind young gentleman at our guesthouse starts talking to us ... nothing opens until 9pm to eat? What?? nothing? We head out to investigate.

We make it to the centre of town, turn the corner into the main square, and both gasp in awe. The sky is an electric blue, the sun slowly disappearing, and the San Pablo church is aglow.


We just gaze at this monstrous & beautiful structure before us, and before we know it 8pm has struck. We head off in search of food. Things are just starting to open up, lucky if you could find somewhere just to have a drink. We spot a little Taberna which has just opened it's doors. Within minutes the place is full. We squeeze on it, the counter full of tapas and people drinking, talking, lauging & eating.


There are sets scribbled all over the wall in chalk, involving bottles of wine and varieties of food. We take the 6 tapas with a bottle of Red Wine for €26 option. It's just a point or nod at the 6 things we would like from the counter. A few croquettas, some random deep fried things and some grilled bread with toppings.


Value for money local wine & tasty food combo. We're off to a good start in Zaragoza.

Taberna Doña Casta
Calle Estébanes, 6
(El Tubo)
Zaragoza, 50003 Spain

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