Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little cabinet draws us in ....

We were wandering through the Medina of Fes ... All 9,000 of the little lanes & alleyways, that are mostly unmarked, hold some kinds of treasure. Sometime turning the corner you find pots of snails simmering away in a salted broth, other times a whole street lined with hand-made silk buttons, then there's the fresh nougat on carts, the bags of spices, and the hand-made pastries. One turn we made led us down a narrow path and we found a little cabinet sitting out the front that immediately drew both of our attention. It was filled with a range of meats & little sausages with some crusty baguette style breads and some pita style pockets.


We were both immediately intrigued, and with our interest are warmly welcomed inside. Kim chooses the little sausage, which they warn us are very spicy - perfect! and has them on a crusty roll with chili sauce & pickles and it comes wrapped in paper with a generous serve of hand cut chips.


My version is sans bread roll, and just a selection of grilled random meats with a few green olives and a handful of chips. There's mayonnasie & a light tomato & chili sauce on the side.


All washed down with some almost-salty Arabic Coca-Cola and we are set to tackle the Fes Medina once again.

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