Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hirafu Fleur, Niseko Hirafu

I don't know what we were thinking deciding to walk up to the top of the hill road in Hirafu, maybe we just wanted to reconfirm exactly how unfit we are? But once we were there the view was pretty pretty. Not wanting to just waste a walk and feeling a little snacky we popped into Hirafu Fleur, located in the Popolo building near the Scott hotel. An Izakaya at night they run a small if not varied lunch menu, Ranging from some traditional sets through some pastas and a few pizzas.. well we're not in Japan for Italian so a set it is.

Kat has the Genghis Khan lamb set (not Japanese but we've seen it every where around here, whats the go with that??) I opt of the tempura prawn set, at the moment I can't get enough of super crispy tempura that's made in fresh clean oil, there must be some rule if that tempura is served outside of Japan in a cheap eats place it must be stodge. We get some edmame for the wait and sit back.

In two shakes of Genghis's lambs tail the food is here. The edamame are the first to arrive.. the fresh beans are chilled and taste like they've just been cooked in heavily salted water then refreshed, it's a nice change from the hot style we're used to and I think I prefer them this way.

Niseko Hirafu

The lamb in next to arrive sizzling in a ceramic hotpot accompanied by a miso soup, a daikon pickle, rice and a scrambled egg thingy with chives. Say what you will about his diplomatic style but Genghis's lamb is tender and delicious, covered in a sticky spicy sauce and surrounded with just wilting veg and topped with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds, I'd be proud to have this dish bear my name.

Niseko Hirafu

The tempura/udon set consists of a three enormous prawns just covered in the great crispy wispy batter afore mentioned, served on a separate tray is the udon chilled and topped with shredded nori it has a soy dipping sauce a small plate of fresh grated ginger and sliced shallots and a bowl to mix them in, a mix to your taste style dish... my taste mixes all of it. Yummy!

Niseko HirafuNiseko Hirafu

It's a great place to sit and take in the view and if your not up to leaving you can sit and enjoy the view further from the onsen in the Popolo, apparently it's better when your soaking in hot water.

Niseko Hirafu

Hirafu Fluer
Hotel Niseko Scot Popolo
Top of Hirafu-Zaka St
Open daily Lunch, 11am - 3pm Dinner, 5pm - Midnight

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