Saturday, October 4, 2008

Airport Ramen, Sapporo

Welcome to Japan
First meal in Japan what's it to be .. ?? Mysterious and deadly fugu, ethereal sushi singing only of the sea?? Nope it's going to be airport ramen! our baggage was trapped in a damaged container so we were delayed in getting our bags.. The bonus being a very nice JAL attendant changed our ticket so we didn't have to make the 90 min Narida-Hanada slog and flew straight on immediately, hence we were one and a half hours early for our pick up. Twelve hours of flying hungry and with time to kill we headed into the the first food place we saw. As regulars in the Ichi-ban boshi queue we are well accustomed to the delights of ramen and so I'm slightly disappointed that my first mouthful of on the soil Japanese food isn't going to be as foreign as I'd wanted but a boys gotta eat. After a quick look at the 3d menu (love those plastic food models) we take a sit and order.

Airport Ramen

Kat has the Sapporo (when in Rome) ramen it comes a generous serve full with corn, leek, beansprout and the ramen with a ball of miso floating in the middle, once stirred the stock turns to a rich red broth, it's kinda the transformers of ramen, most satisfying.

Airport Ramen

I have the tried and tested butter corn ramen (Hokkaido butter don't cha know). It has three slices of roast pork, corn, wakame and leek, all the while your eating the butter melts to form a fat film of the best kind on the top of the soup so the things picked out get a quick and delicious glaze from bowl to mouth. Yum!

Airport Ramen

Maybe not so foreign, but far far better than many choices on offer at other airports around the globe (looking at you Miami).

Just out side the domestic arrivals gate
New Chitose Airport
Sapporo, Japan

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