Sunday, November 22, 2009

Porchetta Sandwich #2

At the morning markets in Greve one of the first things we spotted was the Porchetta van. The van had an impressive rotisserie set-up, spinning around in the background piled full of chickens, meat & all sorts of sticks.

Saturday markets

But we have our eye on the crisp pig, perched up on the counter. This variety is available by the kg at 24Euro or on a panino for 3.5Euro. We take 2 panino. Chunks of the delicious porchetta are sliced away, and piled on a crisp Tuscan bread roll.

Saturday markets

We also spot something in the counter that is a tradional Tuscan spiedini. We need one of these !!

Saturday markets

We first un-wrap our sandwiches, and they were even more delicious than they looked! The pork was still warm, the stuffing packed with fennel seeds, fresh rosemary, lots's of salt and pepper.

Saturday markets

As you can see, I was very content .... my eye's glazing over with glee.

Saturday markets

Then we were onto the spiedini ... wow! There was chunks of sausage, chicken, and pork all layered between slices of bread. It has been cooked in the rotisserie and all the fat from the meats have fried the bread to a golden crunch. An absolutely amazing concept, fried bread and tasty meat, all this goodness packed onto a stick ...

Saturday markets

Oh, Italy ....


Su-Lin said...

We passed one porchetta shop near our hotel but never made it there when it was open. I see that I need to return! And that spiedini - what a combination!

so Spiffy said...

Hey there.. it is me.. I had to change my domain.. had a few blogzillas following me... bullies..

Anyhoo... my goodness.. I sure do miss having a Deli here.....

Kat and Kim said...

Ya, the greatest newly learned about food stuff.

Justin said...

Don't know much about porchetta but your pics are great and well...make me crave porchetta!

Kat and Kim said...

Thanks Justin, we loved going around trying all the different porchetta's. Wish we could get them here but it's one more reason to go back.