Monday, November 9, 2009

To market, to market.........

My head is spinning, every sense is reeling, I feel like the whole world has exploded into full technicolor life. We've been to markets all over Asia, but standing in the midst of the morning markets in Greve in Chianti, it's just wow. All the things we've only ever seen as dried or preserved goods are all here fresh. Vege stalls over flowing with that morning picked porcini's and chanterelles.

Saturday markets Saturday markets
Porcini's and chanterelles

Saturday markets Saturday markets
Zuchini flowers by the crate and beautiful artichokes

Saturday markets Saturday markets
Tiny chilli's and roma tomatoes on the vine

How could we not buy some? Or the cheese or the cured meats or the....... well, all of it. This was our first experience of Italian life and we loved it, we were already formatting plans to pack up every thing we own and move it all here, from swinging by the local coffee shop to grab a standing breakfast of espresso and pastry, to walking another few meters across the square to grab freshly baked bread, or buying some prosciutto at the 300 hundred year old family run butchery and mingle with the locals doing their weekly shopping.

Antica Macelleria Falorni
Seriously how could we choose?

Saturday markets
Delicious fresh bread

After we rounded up a few amazing snacks it was back to the villa to set up a wee lunchie under the Tuscan sun.

Greve in Chianti Greve in Chianti
Truffle cream, seeded bread and stuffed pepperoncini

Greve in Chianti Greve in Chianti
Tuscan artichokes and Brawn

Greve in Chianti Greve in Chianti
Herb rolled goats cheese and oh so stinky taleggio

Greve in Chianti Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti
Fresh peach with Guanciale

Greve in Chianti
The view from the lunch table

I think I'm going to have trouble re-adjusting to real life...


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Rachel @ boots in the oven said...

My gawd, you're making me miss Italian markets... I tell myself that our farmers markets are pretty good, but then I see your pictures! Sigh.

Kat and Kim said...

I know there's nothing like the markets. What I wouldn't swap for one of the here.