Thursday, January 28, 2010

Firenze; A tale of four breakfasts: part 1

We had jumped the early bus from Greve into Florence for the day. With a long list of possible eats it was straight off the bus and onto the streets, oh yeah, and if we had time maybe see some art or history stuff. As we wandered we passed an alley way with a giant pig sticking his head out, how could we not go down and investigate?



The pig led us into a paved courtyard eclectically set with bright red plastic chairs sofas and tables. No idea where we were but we knew what a coffee shop looked like so a quick decision was made to stop for a wee coffee and maybe a pastry or two.
The small shop was just as funky as the exterior, we ordered our espressos ( 50 cents up till three pm then a staggering price rise to 80 cents) and our pastries and had a look around, discovered we were in the Casa della Creativita or house of creativity, part school, part gallery, part performance space, all cool.

Firenze Firenze

A sweet little find and totally set the tone for the rest of the day. Yeah for walking down strange alleys.


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