Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Markets - Panzano, Italy

Panzano Markets

It's not even been 12 hours since we stumbled out of Dario's after an amazing and unforgettable meal, that we are back in Panzano for the weekend morning markets.

We stroll around the streets for a while, and note that these markets seem a lot more bric-a-brac sort of stuff. Mind you, we do pick up some treasures along the way ...

But, that of course, was until we stumbled back along the little laneway that lead's up to Dario's. And of course this is the little food haven we were after! We both start with a giant slice of home-made tart for breakfast.

Panzano Markets

Before sampling a delicious locally made vin santo, a Tuscan sweet wine, and cantucci, an almond cookie. Mama mia, it's only 9:30am, but it seems to be the done thing around here.

Panzano Markets

Walking up and down the street there are Nonna's cookies, fresh baked breads, chutneys, jam's, pickles, cheese and everything in between. We stock up on some things for our afternoon snacks, before heading back into our favorite butcher. It's buzzing. And full of food for so early in the morning. The butchers block is adorned with a Dario Porchetta, a rolled pork roast seasoned and stuffed with fresh herbs. The crackling was smiling at us, just asking to be taken away .... done!


There were giant meatloaf's, a golden crumb case holding together what was sure to be some incredible delicacy. The house wine was flowing, and more lardo toasts to try.


Again, the man himself, is behind the counter. We again get to chatting .... about Japan (one of his trainee's we met last night was from Japan) and how exicted we are by the mention that Dario intends on coming to Japan in the next couple of years. As we depart with our bags of goodies, we are even blessed with Omiage (a Japanese custom to offer friends / guests a small gift from a paticular place / town) and receive some of the Profumo del Chianti, or special salt blend.


A quick coffee stop of the way to the car,

Panzano Markets

and a quick porchetta snack before getting into the car. Oh my, how I love this life.


The Panzano markets are held every Saturday morning from 9am until 1pm, and weave their way all through the streets of town.


Linda said...

Hi guys.. my bf and I will be visiting Hokkaido in a week. Just wanted to know whether you'd still be there, and if you'd like to meet up.

Kat and Kim said...

Hey Linda,
Indeed we will and indeed we would ;-)) We are in Niseko Hirafu ...
Let us know when you will be here and we should catch up for sure.