Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And so it goes ...

Moroccan salads, tagine, cous-cous. Now don't get me wrong, I love all of these things !! But the one thing we found in Morocco, well Fes & Marakech anyway - was that these are indeed staples. Sure, some are better then others, some more inventive and others just using pristine ingredients. Our first day in Morocco we are wandering around the Medina with our guide who is a bit of a character ... he even stopped randomly at some temple and started chanting & singing.


We then just ended up at some little dining room in the middle of nowhere, after winding down & through all sorts of lanes & alleyways. As we were seated at the table, ahhh, a selection of Moroccan salads. Big green olives in a spice & lemon mixture, braised lentils, carrot & orange salad, roast pumpkin, zucchini, salted black olives & a green & red cabbage salad.


Then the tagine. Today's variety a rich and scrumptious mix of lamb, prunes, apricots & almonds.


And finally, the cous-cous with seven vegetables. The cous cous is light and fluffy, with the vibrant flavor of salt & olive oils. THe vegetables are perched on top, rustically cut and so full of flavor. A few chickpeas are scattered around and there are sweet raisins on top.


I bet you can't guess what we ended up having for dinner?! ;)


JRS said...

Tajine is delicious, but after 5 weeks in Morocco, I was ready to never have it again. I've relented a bit since then, but really, it did get monotonous. If you're still in Fez, eat at Thamy's in the medina. It's just a couple of tables in front of a glass case and open kitchen run by an absolutely lovely guy named, surprise, Thamy. It's near one of the gates, close to a school and post office I think...

Kat and Kim said...

Yeah, all the flavors are amazing but after a while..... We also visited Thamy's while we were there, post coming soon.