Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hittin' the road with Churros & Chocolate


Churros & chocolate are a bit of a breakfast staple all around Spain. Changing ever-so-slightly as we move through each region. The thinner, traditional churro was served when we were in Zaragoza although the thick spiral ones also made a breif appearance. The Churros in Sevilla are called Calentitos. They are the thick churro that is cooked in a spiral. When they are removed from the hot oil it is quite a spectacle.


We have arranged to meet our good friends Io & H early on this morning, we are driving down to Cadiz. Our contribution to the road trip is a cup of hot chocolate for each of us, and a giant bag of churros. When we order she just asks how many ...... 4 hot chocolate and then the bag of churros is enough for 4. It certainly is generous!


Even with the stop for road trip snacks, we manage to arrive a little early to our meeting place. The smell of the hot chocolates, the sugar, the warm bag sitting in my hands. It's too much. We are waiting a while, as we are sure Io & H are having some navigation troubles .............. We sample a few while they are hot .... and just can't help ourselves.

Lucky their appetites aren't quite as big as ours, they will never know how generous the initial portion was.

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