Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cone of Chips; street-food in Marrakech

Way back last Spring on our holiday in Morocco, we were slightly startled when we went to withdraw money from Kim's bank account, and it wouldn't work! Then we tried mine, and my debit card had somehow long expired for my Australian bank account, without us realizing .... Herein lies the importance of traveling with various forms of currency. We of course had our credit cards to get us through, and always have some travelers cheques. We were then hustling around trying to find a currency exchange or bank that accepted travelers cheques (harder than you think in Morocco).

Time was ticking .... We needed some cash for small, daily transactions. We were running from bank to bank, trying to find one that would cash American Express cheques. When suddenly there was a major distraction,


A little street-side cart, with a small light dangling overhead and a whole glass cabinet full of fried potatoes. Thin, crisp, golden potatoes. We scrounge together a few coins, for this brief moment not worrying about tomorrow, or money for a cab home.. The crisps are simply scooped up in a simple paper cone... still warm, glistening in the afternoon sun with little diamonds of salt reflecting in the light.


..... now, back to finding a bank.


Simon Food Favourites said...

chips served in a paper cone always tastes better :-)

Su-Lin said...

I like your priorities! They're like mine. :D

Kat and Kim said...

Simon - they most certainly did! and just so damn convenient ...
Su-Lin - the power of the stomach is fierce. Indeed priorities shift when food is involved;)