Sunday, October 16, 2011

lb (pound) Cafe, Chapel St Melbourne

Many many years ago we were those people who got a booking at Flower Drum, and flew from Sydney to Melbourne for a brief 2 night stay with the sole purpose of eating there in its prime. It was amazing. We still to this day talk about the peking duck, quail san choi bow, caramel apples, waiters in their bow ties and of course being lucky enough to tour the kitchen - all those wok burners, oh my! and the smell of the peking ovens in action, just amazing and unforgettable. That was of course many years before our blogging started, so you'll just have to take our word for it!;)

After that amazing dinner, we woke up a little late. We had plans of having breakfast at Pearl, so hitched a tram over that side of town worked out what station to get off and we were there. The place was full of staff, but not a single customer in site. Oh no, was it that awkward in-between-breakfast-and-lunch-time?! We poke our head in the door and a very nice staff member came to greet us. They were booked out for a private function, so there went out brunch plans! He must have seen our dismay, and instructed us the little staff favorite just up the road for awesome coffee and a great breakfast selection. We followed his directions, make a slight detour down Oxford lane and find ourselves at Pound, or Lb as you will see on the widow. All these years back we had a great experience, and on this trip our first morning was to be spent wandering down Chapel St. so Lb for breakfast was a given.

As we are staying at the gorgeous Cullen hotel in Prahan, Lb is closer than we think. Before we can decide whether it's Chap-pel or Sha-pel St we see the familiar glass windows.


We were so in need of our caffeine kick that it was absorbed within seconds of hitting the table. Now, just think of this place as the sort of awesome breakfasts you would like to make at home everyday, but likely won't. The produce is fresh & the combinations classic. Smashed avocado, fresh tomato & goats cheese on toast - yup, that's me!


Kim has a heartier option of chorizo panini with rocket. Oh, the little touches like adding the greens AFTER the panini is toasted - that S*+# is always appreciated!


If you are in Melbourne, or more importantly down the Chapel St end of town, Lb is a perfect morning start or midday break.

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Shop 5, 566 Chapel Street
South Yarra Melbourne 3141
T: +61 (0)3 9826 1114

Open: Monday to Saturday 7:00am~3:00pm, Sunday 8:00am~3:00 pm

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