Monday, October 24, 2011

A tipple with the Madame

After a long day of walking Melbourne's streets we both felt we needed a little break. Being conveniently close to Madame Brussels we find the fairly anonymous little lift and three floors up spill out into the surreal surroundings of the the Madams abode. A brick paved path leads you along between AstroTurf lawns highlighted by pink walls and picket fences.. its Alice in Wonderland meets Wimbledon. We follow the brick path to a table on the outside terrace, looking out over east Melbourne and in the last of the afternoon sun we titter our way through the suggestive menu.


Cocktails come standard sizes as well as jugs for two or four players - we decide on a jug o Gin Garden, with elderflower, apple cucumber and gin.. lots and lots o gin! It's refreshing relaxing and really really good.


As with as tea in the afternoon there should be snacks, and snacks there were. With the arrival of the tea plate it really drove home the feeling one should be holding a croquet mallet, I mean it had a doily and all. Little toasted triangles filled with poached chicken mayo and watercress and baby sausage rolls with accompaniments of Tabasco, tomato sauce, cornichons and a wedge of lemon it was perfect, the world outside of the terrace completely melted away.


The jug o gin went down a little to easily, topped up with a stellar Negroni and possibly the best Bloody Mary ever consumed qued the arrival of the Double smoked ham and Tilsit cheese sandwiches which sent us over the edge and once again a tad tardy for our next appointment.


It seemed quite appropriate to be running down the garden path muttering we're late we're late.

Madame Brussels

Level 3,
59-63 Bourke St,
(03) 9662 2775

OPENING HOURS: 12 noon to 1am every day of the wonderful week!

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