Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breakfast at Suk 11, Bangkok

Being on holidays ... sleeping in ... aah, so lovely! But we found ourselves wanting to get up when staying at Suk 11, as to not miss out on the morning breakfast. We would always head downstairs just in time, and it was always so nice looking down into the communal area that was bustling with morning madness, coffee's, breakfast, check in's and check outs.


We'd go straight for a tea and a plate of the daily offerings. Today we have little banana's, sticky rice parcels with coconut braised banana and a little cup filled with taro, black rice and corn swimming in a sweet coconut milk.


I could never resist a slice of toast with Thai-ya. What we were calling a Thai version of Kaya jam, that was made with coconut, sugar and Thai tamarind tea.


Always a good start to what was always a great day in Bangkok!

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