Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yong lee, Bangkok

So within minutes of dropping our bags at Suk 11 we were off into the sights and smells of Bangkok's jumping streets in search of our first meal. We had never stayed over this side of the city usually preferring to stay near Bunglumpoo and taxi across for the occasional foray.

Now with time to properly explore and none of our usual favourite haunts to distract us we wandered, and it wasn't to long before we had found a place interesting looking enough to drag us in. With rows of BBQ ducks hanging in the window there was definitely more of a Chinese feel to the place and the menu confirmed.

Yong Lee

As we read the menu item after item jumped out at us we were so excited to see such an array of dishes that we were undecided even as we were asked for our selection. Then as we started to order our decisions were made for us.

"We'll have the wild boar", "ahh sorry sold out" "ok we'll have the deer" "ahh sold out" and so on till we were left none but the stir fried beef tongue with peppers, we added a plate of the delicious hanging duck along with some rice.

Quickly enough we we given two condiments a sweet soy and chilli and vinegar

Yong Lee

followed by the duck nicely roasted, all crispy skin and tender meat.

Yong Lee

.. but the real star of the show was the tongue and peppers.

Yong Lee

Wow. the meat so tender and flavorsome, braised to perfection, with the flash fried peppers it had us wishing there were more of the interesting dishes on the menu.

Sitting on the street corner enjoying this fine food we relised it's no mystery why we keep coming back to Bangkok

Yong Lee

Yong lee


Stephen said...

I have been to Bangkok 13 times and always - since I have discovered Yonglee - I eat there once a week for the month I am in Bangkok. Love it and I hope they never change or modernise it. The duck is to die for. Should be a must for all visitors to Bangkok.

Jerry said...

My wife and I have been visiting
Bangkok almost every year since 1985. Yong lee was the first restaurant we tried and we've never missed eating there on all our subsequent trips. I always order the duck noodle soup (and a couple of big Singhas). Sometimes it's better than other times but always delicious. It's rare bit of an older Bangkok.