Monday, August 24, 2009

Some of the reasons I love Bangkok shopping malls ...


Of course there's the air-conditioning !! A perfect retreat from the outside heat ...

Then there's the cinema's. All the latest movies, spanking new cinema's and really cheap!

Don't forget the shopping ... Bangkok is one place where we have no trouble finding clothes in our size.

And all shopping malls usually have basement, or rooftop, eating emporiums. As well as other eating and drinking venue's scattered throughout the other floors.

It's at Central World where we're drawn towards a cute little shop, it looks a bit like an old pharmacy. Karmakamet, a candle and aromatherapy shop with little bottles lining the walls and a quaint little tea-house attached.


We feel it's always tea time, and quite appreciate the sit. Kim try's the peach iced tea. It's served in a giant glass, with lots of ice, and has a deep tea and pleasant peach flavors.


I have an iced tea with vanilla, cinnamon and milk. The spice is pleasant and the tea refreshing.


We also discover a traditional Thai tea time snack, Kanom Kleeb Lamduan. Little aromatic cookies that are smoked with jasmine candles. They are crumbly like short bread and the mellow jasmine smoke flavor instantly fills your whole head. I just adore these cookies !!


Another awesome find, and indeed another reason on the list as to why I love Bangkok shopping malls so much.

Second Floor, Central World Plaza,
Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 08-1947-8611

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Viviene Tan said...

Wow! I truly love to go shopping mall that’s why I am very glad to discover your blog. Many of us we love shopping even without anybody to buy and it is sometimes we go mall just to meet friends or just for a family bonding and eating. How I wish to visit in Bangkok mall and this was very luxurious and it says that big food small world.