Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bir & Fud, Rome

Bir & Fud is one place that was reccommeded to us by a lovely couple we met while dining at La Petraia ... We did track it down, but it was on a night where other eating commitments were already made, so we were only able to stop in briefly. With an ever-changing menu of artisanal beers on tap and over 100 different bottled brews, this is the premier beer destination of Rome.


We order some a few of their different draft beers.

Rome Rome

We also ask for some light snacks, and before we know it we are greeted with some not-so-light but ever-so-tasty treats. A bowl of thin cut potato crisps with a tangy tomato sauce,


and a gigantuous plate of fried goodness! which included about 8 different types of croquette like goodies, some fried chicken and arancini balls. There's a spicy guandjua one with a chocolate sauce that is unique, but a very tasty combination.


Oh, Bir & Fud, hopefully we get to spend more time together next time !!

Bir & Fud
Via Benedetta 23
Roma, 00100, Italy
T: +39 (0) 6 5894016


rennschnecke said...

we have here 31 3 lol
very nice blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat and Kim said...


abdesatnik said...

So good. Bring this food to the states! (or at least post an english menu online). Best food and beer in Rome.

Kat and Kim said...

The food and beer was great, we are planning to get to try a lot more of it next time we're in Rome.