Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Brakes and Clutches

Apertivo. It's the fine Italian tradition of heading for one or two and maybe a few more pre-dinner drinkies. We headed out one night to the hip Roman 'burb of Trastervere to a former mechanics shop now swinging bar called Freni e Frizioni (Brakes and clutches). We arrived not long after opening to find the place already jumping.


It may have been due to the excellent drinks we were poured (Negroni and Pims cup)


or perhaps the fact that the free nibbles usually on offer during the apertivo hour was more a-not-so-small buffet. Marinated chickpeas, roasted vegetables, little bits of cured meats and a great variety of dipping sauces meant it was ridiculously hard to not spoil our appetite.


When the crowd got to big it just spilled out onto the neighbouring terrace and surrounds.

Was hard to pull our selves away, but it was just supposed to be pre dinner.

Freni e Frizioni
Via del Politeama, 4
00153 Roma, Italy
06 58334210

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