Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cause we can ..

What do you do when you have a five hour stop over in Singapore on your way somewhere? You could hang around in the airport. Changi is probably the best airport in the world, 24 hour dining (actual real food too), free internet, free beds and massage chairs, and a movie room, it's not a bad place to be. But if your us (and we are) you jump in a cab and head straight to No Signboard chill crab restaurant in the red light district of Geylang.


Don't get me wrong we love living in Japan, but as chilli lovers and also with a strong liking for south east Asia, after a year the food can tend to seem to smother you in overwhelming mildness and perfection in subtlety. The immigration officials thought this was the best reason for coming to Singapore they had heard all day. So into a cab and across town, with a running commentary from the driver (love Singaporean taxi drivers) about how Geylang No Signboard was the best now the chef had moved from the Eastcoast seafood center, and had we tried King of crab yet, and so on.

Jumped out of the cab and woah! it's like thirty something degrees, makes a change from the minus ten we were in this morning. We grab a seat and order. One chilli crab, sambal Kangkong, sign board eggplant and 8 Mantou (fried buns) a large tiger beer and an iced tea please. With traditional Chinese restaurant aplomb a plate of peanuts, chilli sauce and pickled green chilli were smacked down in front of us.


Five minutes later the food arrived, Five minutes after that, sweat was dripping from our foreheads, our lips were burning, our fingers were covered in chilli sauce and we both had a ridiculous smile from ear to ear. Bliss. The crab was as good as any Singaporean chilli crab we had had before, the crab dissmembered and sitting in a pool of rich tangy sauce.


The kangkong (water spinach) was fantastic, wok fried with sambal it was smokey, with great chilli and flecks of belacan (shrimp paste). It was every thing we were missing about the south east in one bite.


The eggplant fried and tossed with a chili bean paste fresh chilli and green onion.


It's all quite hard to remember being so far into the throws of ecsacty. I do recall sitting back content with a cold beer in the sweltering humidity and thinking "this is so good, why don't we live here again?"


Still can't contemplate to long, got to get back to the plane ... We're off to SPAIN! Sweet.

No Signboard Seafood
414 Geylang Road
Geylang, Singapore


Reemski said...

This post has made me drool at my desk. Love it! Want it. How much are flights to Singapore again?

Kat and Kim said...

Thanks. Is it bad we're travelling around Spain but thinking about how long untill we're back in Singapore?

Kanad Sanyal said...

Simply Great!!!