Monday, May 2, 2011

Have you had your dose today? of Happy Pills

We all have occasions where we could use, or do with passing on, a few happy pills. Thankfully, there is now a sweets pharmacy in Barcelona doing just that;) We spotted the Happy Pills store with it's slick and clean entrance, and simple pink sign. It was busy ...


They have a range of pre-made pill packs, but upon spotting the little custom counter, we went nuts. You pick the little jar, even choosing what happy message you would like to leave.


Then it's like going crazy in a candy store (okay, it is going crazy in a candy store!) and we take our little vessels and fill them with a range of different colored & flavoured treats.


These make a perfect gift, but I'd be kidding myself if I didn't say I needed them occasionally ;)


Happy Pills, S.L
C/ Argenteria, 70
08003 Barcelona, Spain
932 956 842

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Su-Lin said...

I love them! And they went down a treat as stocking stuffers!

Going through your BCN posts and making notes for next time! :)

Kat and Kim said...

Ha, we've being doing the same with your posts :) yay for happy pills.