Monday, May 2, 2011

Hearty brunch at Pinotxo Bar, Barcelona

It was hard to say goodbye to Barcelona on our last trip ... especially when the La Boqueria and it's range of brunch offers was so close to where we were staying. Our final farewell to our Boqueria brunches was an epic feast at Pinotxo bar. Of course, a beer and a glass of cava along with a plate of their incredible garbanzo. The chickpeas are braised with pieces of sausage, other meats, onion & herbs and have a mist of balsamic sprayed over them before being handed to us over the counter.


The braised pig cheek was exceptional on this visit. The unctuous chunks of fatty meat, glistening in a rich red sauce with a chunk of bread for mopping up all the juices.


Butifarra was one amazing breakfast sausage. Pork, herbs and spice in a hefty sized home-made sausage, with a few green leaves on the side misted with the balsamic.


We also indulge in a few little jamón croquettes.


Juanito then tells us that the caramel flan has just set, and that it would be a perfect end to our decadant brunch ... Well, how cold you disagree with that??


Pinotxo bar, how we miss you!


La Boqueria
La Rambla, 91
Barcelona, Spain 08001
Ciutat Vella
T: +34 93 317 17 31
6am-4pm Monday to Saturday

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Aubrey said...

I happened upon your blog while researching restaurants for an upcoming trip to Barcelona. Really enjoying all of your posts on the city, your photos and descriptions are making me so excited for my trip! I can't wait to check out la boqueria especially.

Kat and Kim said...

La Boqueria really is a must. Go early, beat the crowds and sit with all the stall holders having their morning coffee.