Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black Camembert

When you mention the name `Furano` to anyone in Hokkaido I think lavender would be the next word that immediately came to mind.  Amazing images of the fields of purple are plastered everywhere in books, magazines and guides.

But there’s a lot more to Furano than lavender…  They have even started making wine and cheese in Furano. 

One thing that really caught our attention was the ‘Black Cheese’ made by Furano Cheese Kobo.  It’s a Camembert style of cheese colored with squid ink.  Yes, interesting is what we said as well.  But, we had to try it.  Thankfully on a recent visit to Cheese Please in Pole Town they had ¼ wheels for sale (I don’t know that we could have handled a whole wheel).


Well, it is indeed black.  It’s severe, intense, harsh and even a bit gloomy.  The black charcoal pate is accentuated by the white mould that’s covering the outside. 

And, well, it tasted about as good as camembert with squid ink could.  I guess it’s just about the novelty factor …….

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