Friday, April 17, 2009

Dennis the pig

We were very excited when Dennis moved into the Powderlife cafe.  You may remember Dennis from here.  He shares the same passion for nose-to-tail eating and local gathering that we do. The beginning of this winter season was still all new for us, and we were both so excited when Dennis asked if we would like the pleasure of taking one of his little piggys. I think he had 9 in total. We didn't do so this season, we just didn't have the time needed to dedicate to all that sausage and salami making. We did though get to try 'Dennis the pig' on several occasions. The first being a wonderful grilled pork at powderlife cafe.

It was a big chunk of pig, with a nice layer of fat.  It was grilled to golden perfection and served on a big mound of mashed potato with a farm-grown organic roma tomato and jalapeno salsa. To the side, a bowl of nicely dressed mixed salad leaves.


This was to be the first of many visits to the powderlife cafe .....

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