Wednesday, April 15, 2009

300 yen bar

Three hundred yen for anything, any beer any sprit any food ……. at Bar 300 that’s the deal.


Two floors down the layout of this bar instantly makes you ask how the hell did they do that?? As you walk out of the lift there’s a small reception then an aisle that runs down between two rows of concrete pipe set into the floor that make booths.


Each segment has a couple of bench seats and a table and could seat about 4 of us or maybe 6 Japanese. The walls and any flat surface are crammed with vintage posters, records, old toys, all sorts of eclectic things


We ordered a couple of beers and a couple of snacks, the snacks were pretty forgettable but we’d go back for a drink. Three hundred yen is a bargain, and next time we’ll sit in the t.v bedroom and maybe ride the on the coin operated giraffe.


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P. said...

Im going there again (sapporo) and i tried to find it but failed... Where is is? do you remember?