Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adapting to life as an Australian Housewife ..... ah, Risa!

A shout out to our friends Ross & Risa, who we met in Hokkaido and who did the most awesome trip of Japan in their Delica with a Honda Mini Cub & bed in the back .... got married, and then took off to Australia. We caught up with them while we were back in Oz a few times, but were lucky enough to be invited around for a BBQ at their place. They have a pretty sweet pad in the Valley, with a nice outdoor space that opens up into the eating area. Ross cranked up the BBQ, and Risa had knocked up some true blue Aussie rissoles & even a potato bake.


All was enjoyed in the sunshine, with bread rolls, salad, white wine & even a bit of roo steak! Ross, & Risa adapting to life as an Australian really well, we will be back again next time we're home for another BBQ feast!;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kat! Really grad you enjoyed it ;) Looking forward to catch up with you soon in somewhere in this small grove x

Kat and Kim said...

... and thank you for all the great food & fun times while we were back in Brisbane! Will definitely see you somewhere around soon X