Friday, July 25, 2008

Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Singapore

When you're in Singapore and you mention chicken rice everyone's a connoisseur .. a few names get mentioned more than the rest and one name more than them. Tian Tian located in Maxwell Food Center is the big cheese of chicken rice, top of the game as long as most can remember.
As you wander into Maxwell a queue that stretches from one side to the other catches your eye and that's the place. It makes you feel sorry for the other chicken rice places in there, one seems to even bat an eye at them let alone show any interest in their wares... We join the queue which is moves along at a great pace (I hate standing in queues that don't move when you know there's something great at the end) and suddenly we're there faced with decisions small (S$2.80), big (S$3.50) or half a bird ... we go for two bigs, each comes with half a dozen slices of plump juicy chicken, a mound of nice firm flavorful rice, sliced cucumber, dipping chilli and a peppery soup of the poaching stock. Lush!
I have to say it is the best chicken rice I have ever tasted, every thing so full of flavor but nothing more than the rest, so tender, so perfect, so want another one right now. This plus the near litre of fresh soursop drink from the stall opposite left us full to bursting..

A quick peak into the back of the stall reveals a well oiled production of blanching, poaching and refreshing chickens, being open for 9 hours a day they must keep a whole chicken farm or two in business.

.. On the way out I couldn't resist a go at an oyster cake.
Didn't know what it was but they looked so lovely just pulled from the wok all shiny and crispy.....mmmmmm delicious. It's a mixture of oysters, minced pork, Asian celery and peanuts all coated in a rice flour batter and deep fried. We found out later that that particular stall is one of the best in Singapore, huh there you go, lucky shot.
Just look for Anthony Bourdain's mug plastered on the side of the stall as a recommendation... not that I'm jealous much....really. But the cake was great give it a go.

There was so many other places that need our attention but so little stomach space, making a mental note to return we left Maxwell all happy smiles.


Maxwell Food Center
Maxwell Road

Tian Tian Hiananese Chicken Rice
Stall 10
11am - 8pm closed Monday

Mdm Hoon Delicacy
Stall 5
9.30am - 6pm closed Sunday

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