Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sakana Japanese, Singapore

We'd heard that the set lunches here were great value... so off we went to find out. Sakana is located on Liang Seah St, which is a bustling little street by Bugis Junction with an assortment of quality eats lining either side of the road. You walk in to Sakana and it's as if you're in a little country town in Japan. There are all sorts of little nick-knacks, paintings, calligraphy and hundreds of Sake bottles rattling around the walls.

They offer about 10 different set meals for lunch, ranging from S$13-S$21. Kim goes for the Unagi set, which comes with a gigantic slab of eel. It deliciously sticky with a little hint of smokiness, although we both wondered how it was possible to even near finish the whole piece ..... It also has miso, rice, yellow tail sashimi, a pink coloured pickled cucumber, a savoury sesame burdock root salad and a few wedges of orange. All was delicious, although massive!

I had the Udon set, which comes with a great big bowl of noodles topped with some shredded nori. There's also a delicious vegetable tempura, which is small pieces of pumpkin, onion, carrot, zucchini, eggplant and baby shitakes in a crisp batter. The sauce is mixed with spring onion and wasabi for a little zing... this is also poured over the noodles. There's 2 pieces of inari sushi (rice filled into sweet deep-fried tofu parcels, bliss!) and a few orange wedges. Everything was so full of flavour and nice and light.

I even had room for dessert .............
Conveniently located just next door, Ah Chew Desserts. A cute little bar serving bowls of sweets and a few sweet drinks.

The menu's are placed under glass at all the tables.. You make your decision and then place your order at the counter.

There is a machine-like construction line of about 4 churning them out to people at tables, and making up take-away bags for those waiting outside.. We were lucky enough to get a seat this time. We both order a bowl of mango sago, mine with the addition of pomelo. The sago pearls are swimming in a mango cream, that's not too heavy nor too sweet. There are chunks of fresh mango and a little bit of ice. Mine had the addition of pomelo 'sacks', hand picked little citrus explosions to look forward to with every bite!


Sakana Japanese
#01-03 / 04 Liang Seah St
Colonial District

Ah Chew Desserts
1 Liang Seah St #01-11 Liang Seah Pl
12:30pm-11:30pm Mon-Thur, 12:30pm-12:30am Fri, 1:30pm-12:30am Sat, 1:30pm-11:30pm Sun

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