Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

Chilli crab....Singapore......Singapore.....Chilli crab, the two are synonymous with each other, and we are here so how does that saying go? When in Rome...

We are heading to the East Coast Park or more specifically the food center within the park where we have been told lives a great example of the National dish of Singapore. We're hoping this will be the crab by which all others will be measured in the future. The Place we have in mind has been recommended by two of our friends who travel to Singapore regularly, their commendations being backed up by the taxi driver we had as we first arrived here, this was enough for us and we jotted down the address.

We wandered in just after the 2 o'clock opening time and were pleasantly surprised that we weren't the first, dining in a restaurant alone makes me wonder what everyone else knows, but finding locals just as eager for the food gives oh so much reassurance. We get a table with a great view of the harbour and the immense queue of ships waiting to dock.
Just over our shoulders the tanks of jumbo Sri Lankan crabs all doing their best to look small and unappetising, it didn't work.. we are here for the crab and crab we shall have! We also ordered the house made tofu with minced pork, the stir fried Taiwanese sugar pea shoots and a plate of mantou (Chinese fried buns).

The tofu was the first to hit the table, 6 squares of silken tofu deep fried and topped with nicely seasoned pork mince, the polystyrene flower garnish was a nice touch..

This was soon followed by the pea shoots which was a good size portion of pea shoots stir fried simply with garlic, sweet and tender they were delicious.

All was soon forgotten as the crab arrived a huge plate of portioned crab all tumbled in the fragrant sauce, and what a sauce it was.. spicy and rich, sweet and sour, it's first mouthful caused a huge smile to bloom as we looked up at each other. The crab was sweet and plentiful, cooked to perfection (I think they may have done this once or twice before). All was made even better as we used the Mantou to scoop up the sauce it was a perfect partner the crispy crust providing a great textural addition to each mouthful.

While it was all so good we were both insisting the last piece of crab sittlng on the plate was each others we just couldn't manage it all. Glad we ordered a small crab.

This will indeed be the crab that all others are measured by.


Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
1202 East Coast Parkway
#01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre
2pm-12:15am Sunday, Friday & Public Holidays
2pm-1:15am Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays

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