Friday, February 5, 2010

4 breakfasts and still room for gelato ... Vestri, Firenze


It did take a fair bit of walking around Firenze - wandering through the leather markets and over the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) before we could even think about gelato ... but we had read about Vestri, a famous little gelato and chocolate shop tucked away in the centre of town.

We find the quaint little Cioccolato d'Autore. We squeeze on in - it appears as if they are doing some sort of chocolate appreciation course in the rear half of the room. We spot the counter with the gelatos kept in stainless steel wells, which is said to keep the gelato temperature better controlled. Today we are picking our flavors from a board on the wall, not as many touristy-places would have you pick from a giant showcase, each tub of gelato piled high and overworked with frou-frou and flowers.

I select the Pistachio de Bronte and the chocolate bianco e fagoline di bosco. The pistachio is a very promising natural green color, and not that horrible fake hulk green.. The flavor is intense, and the gelato takes on the texture of pure ground nuts, leaving a smooth coating throughout the mouth. The white chocolate and wild strawberry, divine, and the two flavors work wonderfully together.


Kim has selected the Pesca bianaca and cioccolato gianduia. The chocolate is a rich milk and super creamy. The white peach so fresh and vibrant.


This is indeed a fine example of the frozen treat, everything down to the temperature, texture and even the way in which it was served demonstrated that the crew at Vestri's are serious about 2 things, chocolate and gelato.

Amazingly we resist the temptation of stocking up on chocolate spread before we leave ...


Piazza Santa Croce
Borgo Albizi, 11r
+39 (055) 234-0374

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