Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waking up from Siesta ...

This Italian / Tuscan lifestyle really fit us to a t. Coffee, breakfast, big lunch, siesta, afternoon nibbles, dinner, sleep - rinse and repeat. Every afternoon while we were in Italy, once we emerged from our afternoon nap and rubbed our eyes, the next thing of importance to do was to find a drink - either a glass of wine or a campari aperitif. Then we would round up a few nibbles with stuff we just had lying around the place .... for instance, ndjua - the delicious soft, spicy pork salami, the below mentioned buffalo cheese with white truffle honey, a chunk of Dario's salami, cured pig's cheek and a chunk of tallegio cheese. All with some crusty Tuscan bread and a bottle of fine Toscana.


Life is indeed good.


Raleigh said...

Dario's Profumo...amazing!
Everything Dario does is perfecto! Love knowing others like as much as I do! Love your blogs and pics!!!

Kat and Kim said...

Like it? We love it, and the rest of the amazing produce from around this area.