Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frienze; A tale of four breakfasts: part 4

Starting to feel a little full from our various breakfasting we took a wander around the Mercato Central, taking in all the amazing produce for sale especalliy outside in the fruit and vegatable section.

We had heard of a little place on the corner of the market square where all the market vendors go, only problem was we were still feeling fullish so we gave that one a pass and took a walk down towards the river where il Fratelli is located, Florences oldest panini bar, it's been around since 1875, so that should be enough time to get the art of the panini right.


We rock up to the lane where the shop's located and theres a fairly decent line facing into a tiny hole in the wall, must be the place then. The line moves quickly and before we know it we're at the front, there's two guys working in a tiny space whipping out dozens of panini made from the wicked ingredients in the showcase to on side. Decisions decisions ...

Firenze Firenze

Kat ends up with a prosciutto arrosto, crema tartufa (roast proscuito with truffle cream) 3€


I with the salsicca cruda melanzane (fresh sausage and roast eggplant) 2.5€


with these in our hands and another glass of wine (when in Rome people) we picked a spot on the side of the lane and enjoyed our forth pre 12-noon meal of the day.


Via dei Cimatori,
38r, 50122 Florence (FI),
Italy‎ - 055 239 6096