Saturday, February 6, 2010

Indulging in cheese with truffle honey

Wandering past a little local food shop, we pop our heads in for a look. Something that caught my attention immediately was a slab of full-cream buffalo milk cheese. It was a large log of cheese, encased in a camembert like rind, with the creamy, gooey innards barely able to contain themselves within the cheese, just wanting to ooze out all over the place. We thought it was only right to take the whole piece, as we couldn't bear seeing it be cut .... so, armed with about half a kilo of buffalo milk cheese, after looking around the shop, we found a jar of white truffle infused honey, the perfect accompaniment !!


And 4 of us polishing this off in one session, indeed indulgent and gluttonous, but oh so damn delicious.


Raleigh said...

Love truffle honey? Try Calugi! It's the most wonderful...found it at Ristoro di Lamole...a fabulous restaurant in Lamole!
Love it!

Kat and Kim said...

Thanks for the tip, we'll have to try and find it the next time we visit Italy.