Monday, August 9, 2010

Hidalgo 56, San Sebastian

We stumbled across this picture of blood sausage volcano from Kathryn Yu's flickr photo-stream when doing some research on pintxos bars in San Sebastian.

The thought of blood sausage crumbs with egg & apple sauce indeed made the idea of a walk over to the other side of San Sebastian at sun down well worth it ... We set out with our map and headed for the Gros area.

We spot the yellow awning, the place is packed! We manage to slide up to the end of the counter and find a miniscule place for us both to perch.

San Sebastian

Blood sausage volcano is ordered along with our 2 glasses of txakoli. The blood sausage volcano is a mound of fried blood sausage mince, with loads of black pepper and other spices giving it a nice kick. There is a raw egg yolk nestled in the top, it's sprinkled with Spanish flake salt and has a little sweet & tart apple puree on the side.

San Sebastian

We also order a plate of beef carpaccio. The beef slices are thin & delicate, topped with shaved parmesan, baby capers, rocket flake salt, cracked pepper & virgin olive oil.

San Sebastian

A perfect way to kick the evening off, now onto the next pintxos bar ....

Hidalgo 56
Paseo colón 15
Gros, San Sebastian
T: 943279654

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