Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot, caramel, salt, milk, jerez = heaven

There are several things that instantly win me over when it comes to dessert .... Warm custards, hot puddings, caramel, milk ice-cream, anything with a lick of salt that borders on the savory line of sweet ... When all of these aspects come together in the one dessert - I'm in heaven! We found a fine example of this at Atari in San Sebastian. Warm brioche with caramel apples & a salted milk ice-cream. There was a sprig of thyme resting on the ice-cream, which perfumed each mouthful with a earthy & herbaceous aroma and the reduction of jerez elevating the sweet & sticky characters of our glass of PX.

San Sebastian

We did stop by on several other occasions for some pintxos & bar snacks, but kept gravitating back towards this delightful dessert with a glass of PX to finish the evening, sometimes mixing it up with a Blue de Basque that came with a quince paste & vanilla puree.

San Sebastian

Lucky we were staying close by ....

Calle Mayor 18
Donostia, San Sebastián,
Spain, 20001


alex said...

Hey Kat, come back to est. for our Pain perdu, toasted oats, vanilla apple and malted barley ice cream.
Or maybe just dream about it, sigh, and then keep posting about your (jealous)international foodie lifestyle......alex

Kat and Kim said...

mmm, the pain perdu at est. was also something else ... have fond memories of that. The new one with toasted oats & malted barley ice-cream sounds divine !!
I'm going to be back in Aus next week, but only in Brisbane this trip ... hope all is well back in Sydney say a big Hello to the est. crew !!