Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Le Mejillonera, San Sebastian

We were staying in the Gothic area of San Sebastian, and headed out on our first afternoon in order to pin point a few places we had on our must-eat list. Le Mejillonera was one of them, and was said to be only minutes away from our hotel ... We wandered around the streets and couldn't find it.

The next night we walked past a place that was packed, spilling out onto the street, and looked up to see the sign bright and illuminated. I guess it's not that easy to spot during the day when it's not open.

San Sebastian

We head on in, it's hard to find a place to stand it's that full ... The fare here is mussels, mussels and mussels. They do beer of course, as well as patatas bravas and bread to mop up all of the sauce with the mussels. We get some mussels in a spicy tomato sauce, some ice cold beer and patatas bravas.

San Sebastian

It's all good! The mussels have a fresh taste of the sea, the spicy sauce giving the mussels a deep complex flavor. The patatas bravas are crisp, hand-cut chunks of potato with a generous helping of garlic aioli & spicy tomato sauce.

A fine example of simplicity, and confidence in their ability to make something so simple outstanding.

Le Mejillonera
Calle del Puerto 15
Donostia, PV
T: 943 42 84 65

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