Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Izapi Taberna, San Sebastian

Izapi taberna was conveniently on the walk between A Fuego Negro & La Cuchara de San Telmo. It had caught our eye early on our travels, but tonight it was pumping ... the crowd spilling well out onto the street.

San Sebastian

We slide on in, happy to just be able to make it to the counter and order a drink and would have been happy to join the hordes of people drinking and mingling out on the street .... But just as we order a space at the counter clears - score! We order some foie to go with our txakoli. The slab of foie is seared with a delightful crust, but the inside oh-so-soft & tender. There's a little bit of mango puree which has a nice tartness to it, and a very interesting savory granola crumb, with pistacho's, pine nuts & raisins.

San Sebastian

Our last pintxos before moving on for the evening was a solomillio, or sirloin steak, with wild mushrooms & a garlic puree. It was hard to share, I would have had no problems eating a full meal size of this plate ....

San Sebastian

A great little find, we'll see you again next time!

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