Friday, August 1, 2008

Brown Sugar, Singapore

Well we're flying out this afternoon, time to say good-bye Singapore. But before we go I'm sure we have time for one more flirt with your gastronomic temptations... Today it's a burger we're after, not just any burger mind you, but a hand minced wagyu beef burger with truffle and foie gras. The creme de la creme of burgers. This beast is said to live at Brown Sugar a small cafe bistro hidden away in the StarDuS Clubhouse on River Valley road. It's a nice modern setting of only 30 seats or so, again we had wandered in with no booking but had we arrived 10 minutes later we would have wished we had one, the place filled up in as long as it took to read the menu and look back up.


They do a great deal for lunch S$27 for three courses with a couple of choices for each....bargain! But we were here for the burger though so two of your finest please. Complementary bread while you wait is delicious.

Then it arrives a glorious stack of bun, beef and foie gras topped with truffle.. the top of the bun tucked on the side unable to balance. The chips on the side were perfect, golden crispy and salted just so, the salad nicely dressed needed to cut the burgers richness.
It takes a little while to make (hand cut to order and all) but when you take your first bite you can taste the love and the foie gras and the truffle and the glorious wagyu. Joy!


Having just eaten our weeks fat intake allowance we share a dessert, Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream. Not a big fan of the old sticky date I must say, it has a tendency to be too heavy or lingering with bicarb, but this was again a joy to eat. Rich and moist with caramel sauce and roasted walnuts and a wicked ice cream, it put my faith back in the pud again.


Now if we can just get up we should be able to make the plane................

Brown Sugar
227 River Vally road
StarDuS Clubhouse
Open Tuesday - Saturday Lunch and Dinner
Sunday Brunch 10am - 4pm


linda said...

that burger sounds delicious, wagyu, truffle and wagyu! what an awesome combo. I've been to singapore a couple of time snow, so sad I've missed this place. I guess always next time

Kat and Kim said...

Don't forget the foie gras. It's one of the best burgers we've ever eaten. We missed out on our last trip, so it's the next visit for us as well.