Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wandering Rice Ball ..., Hanoi


Tired of walking and looking for any excuse to stop we pulled in at this amazing curb side eatery. This woman had the traditional carrying yoke with two baskets .. one full with the goodies, the other her kitchen but (and this is where it gets really cool) insted of simple banana leaf, newspaper or bamboo skewers for her fare she had little porcelin plates and polished silver cutlery. She had small steamed sticky rice flour dumplings filled with caramel pork and roast peanut topped with a smattering of sesame seeds, which were delicious, but to then have them placed on a small plate and have some cutlery appear.....well we were astounded.


As soon as we were done the plate and forks went into the dirty dishes container under the kitchen and she was back on the move. As we watched she got about fifty meters before some one esle had flagged her down. My only gripe is since she's so mobile how the hell are we going to find her again????


Rice ball lady
Some where in Hanoi
Open ???


Arie said...

Hi Kat and Kim, greetings from Jakarta Indonesia, we eat those tiny rice balls too during our trip in Hanoi, the vendor also sell bigger rice ball with dau xanh (mung beans) stuffing in sweet syrup. I believe the later called Che Banh Troi , I'm not sure for the smaller one, if i'm not mistake the Lady say that the name is Che Duong (sugar Che). Found mine along Hang Bac Street near our hotel, please check the link>

Cheers - Arie

Kat and Kim said...

I'm so glad you found this lady, and thanks for all the hints with the names of these little gems ....
Your album is making me miss Hanoi, and the food, so much !!

Arie Parikesit said...

We love and miss Hanoi too, that small laid back authentic Asian town is on our top Asian Town list :-), take care