Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lamduon Fahrm Khao Soi, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

One of the greatest things about being in Northern Thailand has got to be Khao Soi ....... This Burmese influenced dish is a very popular Chiang Mai lunch dish, and can be found for around 25B. There is also the gourmet version of Khao Soi available at Just Khao Soi which is served on a beautiful wooden artist palette, each condiment like a pot of paint, allowing you to create your own masterpiece. These go for about 150B a bowl, and are good if you're just starting out on this Northern classic, because most of the one's you find on the street pack a fair punch!

Today we're off on the scooter again, Nancy Chandler map in hand ..... we're off to find Lamduon Fahrm Khao Soi. There's a little rundown on the map saying the chef here used to cook for the Royal Thai Family. Awesome! We drive up and down the street, actually driving past it a few times, it's quite easy to drive past, the sign out the front with roman script is tiny and easy to miss.

Chiang Mai

You walk in past all the cooking to a hustle and bustle so familiar in Thailand at lunch time. We see a lady, who is quite old, sitting on a tiny little stool, with a pot of simmering curry in front of her and everything else to make a beautiful bowl of khao soi within reaching distance. Although there are a few other vendor's within the building, one grilling meat on a stick and another doing ice-cream and drink we observe that everyone has bowls of piping hot khao soi in front of them.

Chiang Mai

We are seated and offered chicken or pork. We both opt for the not-so-traditional-pork today. Within seconds we are beaming in the company of 2 piping hot bowls of khao soi.

Chiang Mai

The curry is quite thick and intense with it's spice ... the squiggly egg noodles doing a good job of mopping up all that flavour. Then there's the pork, oh the pork! There is some sort of braised pork meat, as well as muu crop, deep-fried ultra crispy pork belly, that remains crisp even when bathed in the thick stock. Then there's the crispy noodles (so nice and crispy, fried only hours ago) and coriander on top. To the side are little bowls of pickled mustard greens, chunks of shallot and a lime wedge, to add to taste. Our taste, of course, being all of it!

Chiang Mai

Definitely one of the finest Khao Soi's we have had .... I have no doubt this chef once cooked for the Royal Thai Family.

Thanks again for another great find Nancy Chandler !

Lamduon Fahrm Khao Soi
352/22 Faharn Rd
Opposite the Resort
Chiang Mai


Su-Lin said...

Oh, gorgeous photos! Love that closeup of the crispy noodle topping.

I too had the khao soi's supposed to be some of the best in Chiang Mai!

Kat and Kim said...

I think it's definatly the best we've had in Thailand.