Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Love, Hanoi

Have we told you we love Vietnam yet? It's incredible the hustle, the bustle, the way food is not just a fuel but a way of life. You can't go five meters without seeing some sort of eatery even if it's just a few charcoal pots and a piece of sheet metal set on some tiny plastic chairs, which is where we found our selves today.
Just behind the puppet theatre (which is very cool, people) the empty sidewalks suddenly fill as if by some magic signal around 4pm grills and woks are dragged out, produce produced, seats thrown down and whammo your standing in the midst of a street long food court.
Of course we can fit a wee snack, it would be rude not to. So we go for some saigon rolls .. a spring roll filled with mushroom, vermicili, pork mince wrapped in a fresh rice paper wrapper and deep fried. Yummy!


This little place is the does a sideline in fresh pork, just sitting out next to the rolls, but you know it wil all be gone in a few hours with a fresh batch sitting there tomorrow and still healthy and kicking repeat customers coming back for more.


Often makes me wonder about the highly sanitised place 1st world law makers want us to live in.
Snack in hand we grabed a seat at a beer hoi stall on the corner and watched the locals enjoying their favorite past time.


So in love ....

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