Thursday, August 14, 2008

Libernard Cafe, Chiang Mai

Lonely Planet says that the best banana pancakes come from Apples in Kanchanaburi but we beg to differ... Been to Apples and it's ok, bit to many laurels being rested on frankly, now Libernard from the first time we supped, through the years till now has never wavered in the pancake department. First off there's the choice between regular and wholemeal, the wholemeal is a great day starter if you have a lot planned and doesn't sacrifice on flavor for being in the healthy region of food stuffs.

Chiang Mai

Usually we opt for the regular banana with a side of bacon. The order comes fluffy and light filled with banana, the bacon is always crispy and there's a choice of honey or syrup on the table. As well as being able to partake of the finest banana pancakes in Thailand there's the bonus of being able to drink some mighty fine coffee, brought down from the mountains by hill tribe people it is roasted on premise giving you a quality cup that is seldom tasted any where else.

Chiang Mai

And to top it all off the resident cat is oh so cute, affectionate, and able to melt hearts with a single glance of her big yellow eyes.

Chiang Mai

It's really just such a pleasant way to start your day, we try to do it often every time we're in Chiang Mai.

Libernard Cafe
41 Moonmuong Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300
+66 53 251 395


Libernard Cafe said...

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Kat and Kim said...

Nice blog!

We love you cafe, your coffee and your cat!