Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Toys and Treats, Hanoi

We have our friends at Cafe Hue to thank for directions to this little gem. Down on toy street in the old city in between all the piled up stuffed animals and lego mountains (sounds like the beginning to a fairy tale) ..


there are several women attending large steamers, not so large that you would notice them if your attention was directed at the plethora of toys and games, you might just wander past as we did the first time.


It wasn't until we were looking for them that they became apparent (hiding in plain sight as they were), so over we go and old hands at the 'point and smile' technique we are soon the proud owners of two large fluffy steamed buns.


Usually seen filled with BBQ pork when we go yum cha-ing, these were a little larger and filled with a deliciously savoury mix of pork mince and mushroom, then tucked away in the center a quails egg. Such a great combination and so good that you burn your mouth several times unable to wait the crucial seconds for the hot center to cool to a reasonable temperature.

A very frustrating theme is beginning to emerge since we've be here in Hanoi, in that all the food we have eaten is so good it makes going somewhere else to try new thing increasingly difficult.

It's a hard life really.

Steamed Pork Buns
Hang Dao, Old City
Hanoi, Vietnam

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