Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home cooking, Samui pt 2

Back at home cooking, we had rung ahead and asked Khun Beat to just cook what ever she felt like. We arrived to a warm welcome and we quickly given dish after dish.
First up are two whole fried fish, crispy skinned and soft fleshed, spiked with garlic and pepper. With the fish came a new lesson in Thai superstition, as we ate we stripped of the top half then removed the bone and ate the bottom. The belief is if you flip the fish to eat the other side you pass that along to the fisherman and may flip him and his vessel.

Koh Samui

Next a dtom yam of pork ribs hot sour and succulent, nuggets of pork rubbing shoulders with plenty of tomato's and pieces of Asian celery.

Koh Samui

A stir fry of glass noodles with vegetable and egg made it's way to the table next.

Koh Samui

Followed by a spicy green curry of pork, apple eggplant and beans.

Koh Samui

Finally my favourite for the night small squid stuffed with pork and glass noodles simmered in a clear broth flavoured with oyster sauce. The squid was tender enough to cut with a spoon.

Koh Samui

Then as we were saying "no more no more" a special surprise ... a dessert.  Small dumplings cooked in a palm sugar sweetened coconut cream with young coconut. Seasoned in the Thai way with salt, the result was a deliciously savoury dessert that we all suddenly found room for.

Koh Samui

Once again Khun Beat had lived up to her street sign of home cooking, food cooked so when you ate you could feel the love.

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Girl Japan said...

YUM, is that green thai curry? Oh you are making me homesick...

Kat n Kim said...
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Kat and Kim said...

Yeah green curry made with love by one of our friends. Tastes better that way.

Anonymous said...

The customer has been visited to my mom restaurant yesterday, he's find from your website. Thank you very much ka.

Hope to see you again