Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kluay tod - deep fried banana's

On the walk back from the little Muslim stand after a big lunch, we often did not have room for banana's ... but that didn't mean we wouldn't buy them.  

Kamala Beach

She was there everyday, but the times would vary. Hand's of banana's piled up behind her, at all different stages of ripeness. She selects how many she's going to prepare that day (maybe based on how much batter she has in the giant bowl) and just fries away 'til there's nothing left.

Kamala Beach

We'd always see people waiting, as it takes a good 10 minutes to fry the banana's over medium heat. But when the locals are waiting for these 'nana's, we know we're onto a good thing.

She peels and slices banana's straight into the bowl of batter. The batter is made with coconut cream and is oh-so-very crispy and there's a few sesame seeds scattered through it. They bubble away in the giant wok until there is no more bubbles, a little drain and they're good to go. They are crispy, golden and aroy maak!

Kamala Beach

Somedays's we have the full intention of taking them home and enjoying them later, when we're not quite so full.

Kamala Beach

But they never seem to make it the whole way ....

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