Friday, June 5, 2009

Perfect start to the day

Some people have trouble consuming rice or chilli for breakfast. Me, nu-uh! I'm still working on the Japanese breakfast ... cooked fish and natto in the morning? erk, I'll keep you posted how that goes.

Anyway, the chilli and rice thing, no problem. In Thailand our first trip out for the day is usually scooting around and looking for crowds of locals ... what are they up to? what are they eating, most importantly. This particular day we find ourselves in Lamai, at the wet market and notice as we walk in a little stall on the left hand side. There's about 2 dozen silver pots filled with everything you could imagine. I love these places, they get a big bowl of rice and you just point to what you want placed on top. I have opted for a very delicious looking green curry filled with apple eggplants and chunks of chicken on the bone. I also get a little side bowl of tom yum.

Koh Samui

Now this is what I call breakfast. Hearty, tasty, delicious, simple yet grand and all for about $1.

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