Friday, June 5, 2009

Home cooking, Samui

One of the things we were really looking forward to when we reached Koh Samui was that we would be able to go to Home cooking again, oh yeah and see our friends again (sorry guys). Home cooking is a little food hut off the ring road and down the Thing Krut end, we were first introduced to Khun Beeat's gourmet delights when we were house sitting a few years ago and she was the local food stop. Our daily routine tended to be; wake up late, ly by the pool all day, play with the dogs, head down to home cooking for dinner then lounge around watching movies all night, it was a really hard life.

Koh Samui

Any how we were back and we wanted some home cooking. Scooter aquired we pulled up out side to a warm welcome from khun Beeat who remembered us just fine, she wanted to know where we live and work now (She told one of the other guests all about us and he seemed to think a couple of westerners living and working in Japan and speaking Thai was a little strange). We both knew what we were after a Lipton ice tea (why is it they taste so much better in Thailand than anywhere else in the world?) and a Pad kii mao muu sen yai - stir fried drunkards noodles with pork. There are a lot of theories about these noodles and where they came from I like to think it's the chilli and Thai basil added in such quantity you can taste it even drunk. These noodles cooked here are the best we've ever had. Khun Beeat really works the noodles in the wok so they are a starting to crisp on the outside, turn all gelatinous inside and have picked up the woks breath (smokiness) wonderfully.

Koh Samui

This dish prepared here is one of my all time favourite meals. After the fantastic noodles we are given a plate of grapes to pick at.

Koh Samui

Seriously, life is sweet.

more Home cooking to come

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