Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is food worth your life??

Is it?? I only ask because as we were driving down the main street in Chawaeng (not a place you would regualy see us but we were shopping for white clothes for the opening white party of Nikki Beach Samui), we saw this guy doing something interesting on his scooter fooderie, we only saw it as we passed so with a cry of "ohhh whats that?"

Koh Samui

We threw on the brakes and chucked a uwie in front of a little oncoming traffic (I'm pretty sure we're not the worst farang drivers they've seen). We pulled up and watched for a minute to see what was going on, this guy was making little rolled pancakes with two types of fillings.

Koh Samui

First the a little batter was poured onto the hotplate the fillings added, the first filling was whats commonly called funny sausage in Thailand, like a small frankfurter.

Koh Samui

but it was the second filling that caught out eye as the batter set a quials egg was cracked over the pancake then it was topped with a little chicken mince, white pepper and soy before being rolled.

Koh Samui

Yes please six of those all for the bargin price of eighteen baht.  Super sweet.  With pancakes in hand it was back onto the scooter for a snack on the go.

Koh Samui

Was it worth stopping traffic? oh yeah, the batter was a little sweet the inside salty and peppery. What a great snack I wish we had got a few more, thats the proble with the moblie fooderies you never see them again.


Su-Lin said...

When it's food like that, yes it is! The quail's egg and chicken mince one made me drool a little.

Kim said...

Yeah it was really hard to ride the scooter when all I wanted to do was close my eyes and eat..